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no upcoming shows, we're broken up remember?

>>past shows

april 4, 2003 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside, every new day, filmmaker, and static season
the bassment

december 28, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside, nero, polk, and under the tree
the bassment

november 3, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
grade, the getaway, fast track, the portmans, and set aside
sid's garage

september 19, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside, dfa, untimely demise, on deaf ears, and sparky
the bassment

august 4, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
chupacabra, shiloh, compromise, and set aside
wash 'n slosh (19+)

june 30, 2001 -- edmonton, ab
malefaction, neckbeerd, set aside, and like fire
strathcona legion

may 22, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
the end, set aside, and sitra ahra
wash 'n slosh (19+)

may 6, 2001 -- edmonton, ab
grace like winter, dissent, wishing well, set aside, and compromise
sweet rocks (18+)

may 5, 2001 -- calgary, ab
hoodie hardcore fest
the warehouse

april 7, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
thorazine, din, untimely demise, demon fetus, set aside, cosmic juice, and staggering joe and his silly accordian
wash 'n slosh (19+)

march 31, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
salvo, set aside, ubiquitous midgets, and hawaiian mafia
cosmo senior's center

march 3, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
diesel fly, voyd, and set aside
wash 'n slosh (19+)

march 2, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
compromise, voyd, and set aside
wash 'n slosh (19+)

february 17, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
sask indie fest
cosmo senior's center

january 30, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
voyd, set aside, and the goat next door
wash 'n slosh (19+)

january 18, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
acid splash, sinclaire, the miracle of 86, set aside, and hawaiian mafia
wash 'n slosh (19+)

january 6, 2001 -- saskatoon, sk
earth sufferers, bacterial culture, set aside, din, and rotundi
the pit

december 15, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
knar, table 9, set aside, limmer, and coup
the bassment

december 1, 2000 -- asquith, sk
set aside, dfa, 3 second memory, and bi-curious george
elk's hall

september 30, 2000 -- edmonton, ab
set aside, the everymen, blacken, redeem, nevertheless, quarter life crisis, and trademark
orange hall

august 31, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
13-31, set aside, lisp, and demon fetus
the bassment

august 19, 2000 -- north battleford, sk
sask punk fest
don ross gym

august 6, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
sixty stories, set aside, and kaizen
the bassment

august 4, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside
ryan taylor's basement

july 21, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
malefaction, karen foster, sinclaire, tencount, and set aside
wash 'n slosh (19+)

july 15, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
face tomorrow, kaizen, and set aside
the house on 6th

june 27, 2000 -- winnipeg, mb
submission hold, set aside, and kandis and the northern dykes
the walnut house

march 16, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
the radissons and set aside
the fourth dimension (19+)

february 26, 2000 -- saskatoon, sk
the radissons, johnny retail, and set aside
ali's garage

december 11, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
dfa, the radfords, set aside, and indy grab
the animal farm

november 20, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside and segment 9
the animal farm

october 23, 1999 -- sherwood park, ab
set aside, special guest, buddy system, midpoint, and two days apart
the legion

september 18, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
straight faced, 30 foot fall, and set aside
the animal farm

september 11, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
the portmans, yr. a nation, set aside, the shirpas, and screaming headless torsos
jodie thomson's basement

august 27, 1999 -- north battleford, sk
sask punk fest
the agriplex

june 19, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside, junto, the radissons, and dfa

june 2, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
set aside and head honcho
mount royal collegiate

april 24, 1999 -- nipawin, sk
junto, tencount, nation of waste, ass control, set aside, rotundi, four ways from sunday, dého, radford, the radissons, the odds are against us, clot, welfare, anaflexia, dfa, and head honcho

april 2, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
nation of waste, the raiders, wassabi lobotomy, set aside, and clot
the bassment

february 21, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
nation of waste, tencount, set aside, and clot

february 6, 1999 -- sherwood park, ab
set aside, the radissons, strength in solitude, drive by punch, the james t. kirks, special guest, and jersey pull
log cabin

january 16, 1999 -- saskatoon, sk
ass control, set aside, the radissons, and dého
chris morin's basement

november 13, 1998 -- saskatoon, sk
dého, uptight, set aside, and ass control
roshan hoover's basement

september 19, 1998 -- north battleford, sk
sask punk fest
the agriplex

september 11, 1998 -- saskatoon, sk
decoy and set aside
ryan taylor's basement

june 3, 1998 -- saskatoon, sk
decoy, set aside, and white trash
mount royal collegiate