set aside has broken up (for good this time!), but thanks for stopping by!

we have posted the mp3s of all of our recorded material here for you to download for free!

here are the lyrics to some of our unreleased songs...


breathless and amazed

pulling at wood through clay hearts,
tearing at fingertips gone calloused and beat.
iím sweating in idle,
all i can ever do is stare.
eyes are soft like emulsion
in a light thatís never quite as bright.
let me take this fall
it's all iíve ever been able to do thatís right.

seems like iím imperfect again.
ashamed that i could even think
or maybe that i dream the way i do.
what is it about you
that leaves me behind breathless and amazed?

his demons

i can't rid myself of this filth; mud running up the back of legs, stale keg beer breath. semen vomitting from their mouths. claustrophobic. her body pinned by unwelcome kisses. lock the doors, lock the fucking doors.

i won't let myself sleep.
i am the rapist in dreams.

candle light dances over flesh as we are one in this moment. and they find comfort knowing that, "the heat is being given off by something more.."

"i want to know what love is,
i want you to show me."


the madness that builds from within, a lost source, the depression that burns deep inside.

unable to be found, the cause of all the hurt and frustration, no where to be seen or heard.

(and it's shining from the hot blistering sun) yet in these eyes a dark enchanted thunderstorm emerges that drenches you while indoors.

will anything ever go right?  why does everything seem so dim and shadowy from where i stand under this bright warm light?  in the meantime i will continue to search but on a bigger note i will forever be lost.

seemingly harmless

i retched at your gossaymer touch, tearing your heart like tissue and letting it fall like a wingless angel.

this isn't how i feel,
this is the way i kill.

embrace the knife, embrace the knife.

if you said i love you i would saw through bone, free your rib cage, see what shatters like glass.  if you said forever i would end your life, let lies well up like tears and crumple these wings beneath my feet.

embrace the knife, embrace the knife.

without us there is no you only i.

something so delicate

your favorite season begins with the last lingering kiss of the sun deceiving you with smile.  all those summer days now seem so far away, when you reach out, it slips away.  faded light carried in an omnious breeze and no one will ever break my heart again.

a haunting specter dances in closed eyelids.  and i can't understand why you'll never forgive and why it's so impossible to forget.  in forgotten fields lay highways of you.  your scattered fence posts in disarray.  what i wouldn't give to have you back, but no one will ever break my heart again.

winter mouths can be so cruel with icy promises kept by only a certain few.  i never thought seeing you again could hurt so much.  maybe someday i can look up and be content.  someday i can get past this pain.  i won't let my heart be broken again.

the way failure lives

this song will leave a scarlet trail of dead.
the arms i've cut away from me,
i'm trying to save face.
i would kill to know what could have been.

uncomparable is the word
for the defeat i gave you.
a summer filled with plagues
and stars that dipped down to die
just to taste a kiss.
i hold nothing but admiration,
the ghosts we left in then iron sheets
are the memories i'm keeping.

the way you look right
is the night that i left.
this car crash ending,
these apologies worth repeating.
the way you look right
is the night that i left.
what words could make this work?
the world i fell in love set so apart.

the only room you ever cleared for me
was the grave we dug in memories.
"that's ok" i'll whisper dying,
that's how i lay down
in the city i was fated with.
there's no fight left in me
and these scars will always take
but these ones are heartshaped.

vicious lying temptations

sucked into a two-dimensional dream, the ringing lull of fortunes falsified.  the seductive lovers stinging caress, her destruction of an anchored family.

societies quick fix single motion theraphy; the lifestyle so coveted and elusive.  just beyond state endorsed solution is the freeing simple words of a contented life.

rows of maniacal lemon-yellow teeth leering at their perfect crimes.  their capital is our addictions, their solutions equate to our legalized disease.

there was always the glimmer of the sun from the darkest empty pockets.  having the courage to admit and regret is the biggest winfall of all.